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Living structure

blog by Andrey Salomatin

Building offline-first web and mobile apps using event-sourcing

An interactive practical guide to building local-first and real-time applications using event-sourcing.

Control and effort in API design

Building graphical user interfaces is hard. One of the reasons is poor API design. Specifically poor balance of control vs effort over the set of use cases.

Open-sourcing the Meetup

Increasingly meetups are dependent on platforms like and Facebook. Is it the best option? Let’s imagine an open-source version of meetup software.

Making products under uncertainty

Sometimes it’s clear what we need to build. Sometimes not at all. How should our approach to building products change when dealing with uncertainty?

Theory of Constraints in Colour

There are thousands of possible reasons for a piece of software to not perform well. Thousands. How many ways do we have of finding and fixing those issues? One.

Kanban like it’s 1984

Everything was better in the 80s, so let’s go back in time for a minute. Imagine you are a worker at a car plant. What would your day look like?