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My talks and guest appearances

Here’s a collection of talks I gave as well as guest appearances on different podcasts. Topics vary from programming and tech to product and general management.

If you’d like to invite me to speak at your event, please reach out.

Lessons on API design

Sharing insights from people I interviewed for Code Podcast. I go through examples from DOM API, BitTorrent, programming languages and UI frameworks.

What patterns and techniques can we borrow from those projects?

Video from GrowIT Conf
Video from KyivJS (in Russian)

Interview about management

This was a fun interview about all things management, team communication and Theory of Constraints.

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Making products under uncertainty

There’s a time for producing flawless work as fast as possible. Early-stage innovation and product development is not that time.

This talk is about research. About the mental model and the techniques developers and other members of a team can use to iterate on an idea with confidence.

Video from AmsterdamJS
Video from FrontTalks (in Russian)
Video from Web-Standards Kyiv (in Russian)

Building bridges

A lightning talk about using Javascript VM and Web technologies within native applications.

Video from WarsawJS
Source code
Warsaw Native in the App Store

How to stop debugging async code and start living

An overview of patterns for writing asynchronous code in Javascript.

Video from FrontendDev Conf (in Russian)
Video from Frontend Conf (in Russian)
Video from Yaroslavl Frontend Meetup (in Russian)

JS frameworks: past and future

An overview of trends in frontend development.

Video from YAC (in Russian)

Without the backend

A collection of services and methods we could use to store and modify data without building a backend ourselves.

Video from MoscowJS (in Russian)