Andrey Salomatin

Coder turned product manager and founder. Hobbyist musician.

I design and build software. I helped make products like Polychops, Matterway and Mindojo.

I organize meetups and conferences. I was involved in MoscowJS, Kaizen Berlin and Frontend Union Conf.

Currently, I’m running an audio-effect pedal shop in Berlin called Pedal Markt and do freelance consultancy work.

I also write, speak and podcast about things.

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Polychops / Software for musicians

Polychops is a fun practice tool for musicians.

It’s a personal passion of mine. It started off with an idea for a polyrhythmic metronome and evolved into a drum machine and a looper that work in your web browser.

I’m still working on the app in my free time, doing research, ideation and implementation.

Polychops launched in September 2018.

Logo of Polychops / Software for musicians
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Matterway / B2B SaaS

Making software at work usable.

With Matterway we developed a technology that allows customers to build ergonomic applications on top of their existing systems of record. Fast.

I joined the company early on and helped define and implement the product. By the time I left, Matterway had raised two rounds of funding and 30% of DAX companies were our customers or doing pilots with us.

Mindojo / EdTech

Mindojo is an adaptive e-learning platform.

The early version of the product is a GMAT preparation app published by The Economist journal.

I joined the company as a full-stack developer and worked on the Artificial Intelligence learning platform.

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Recent blog posts

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Building graphical user interfaces is hard. One of the reasons is poor API design. Specifically poor balance of control vs effort over the set of use cases.

Open-sourcing the Meetup

Increasingly meetups are dependent on platforms like and Facebook. Is it the best option? Let’s imagine an open-source version of meetup software.

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